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with silhouette hair extensions

SHE is not only guaranteed to be 100% human hair but it is the highest grade true Remy hair with an intact cuticle. In the hair extension world there is no truer saying than “You get what you paid for”  For the best, pay that little bit extra and in time you’ll see the difference & know it was worth it!  


The journey of our hair begins with the arrival of virgin hair ponytails ethically sourced from around the globe. Hair is graded by its texture into categories: Russian, European and Asian/Indian. The hair of choice for SHE, is European. European hair is fine enough to blend naturally with most hair types and able to withstand styling and everyday wear in our Australian climate.  Russian is so fine it often cannot withstand the pressures of everyday styling while Asian is often too course to blend with various hair types.


 SHE hair is not chemically treated to be wavy or curled. All SHE hair if left to dry naturally will have a natural wave. You can straighten, curl & colour our hair as SHE is 100% Human Hair. With the correct care, maintenance and products your SHE hair can last you up to one year or even longer.


Being a human product after 4-6 months it will need to be trimmed as the ends will start to split, meaning it shortens over time. Also being a human product each batch is different, as we see when colouring, all hair responds differently to the colouring process. The biggest question is when do you need to replace your SHE extensions. The answer is: When you want it to be thicker and longer again! 

flat weft range


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