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with silhouette hair extensions

Our tapes are all made of Remy cuticle intact European hair (see our about page) Each pack consists of 20 pieces which sandwich together to make 10 pieces. They are 22 & 18 inches long. The hair is double drawn so is thick from root to tip but the last inch is slightly tapered so they blend well in layers and don’t sit chunky or need to be razored too much. Our tape tabs are super flat & not shiny which help disguise the extensions in your hair. The tabs are also strong to withstand the removal and re-taping process to ensure multiple adjustments, not the 2-3 times that other companies quote. SHE tape tabs have been adjusted up to 9 times in the past! With our strong blue backed tape sent from the US to our factory there is no slipping or falling out leaving sticky residue. 



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