Keune's So Pure Range is developed with 100% pure plant essential therapy to create a truly sensational experience. Promoting wellbeing for mind, body and soul, the So Pure philosophy is to achieve balance which strengthens emotions and personalities.


The range is ammonia free, paraben free, sulphate free, vegan and enriched with certified organic essential oils..


The So Pure Natural Balance concept leans towards natural, organic ingredients, utilising products that improve overall health and at the same time assist to lessen our environmental footprint.


The plant extracts and organic essential oils used in So Pure Natural Balance are grown and harvested using biological agriculture that sustains the health of the ecosystem and the quality of the oils. Each oil and plant extract has its own composition, aroma and unique beneficial effect for the hair, scalp and overall wellbeing.


  • Ammonia, paraben and sulphate free

  • Contains certified organic Argan and essential oils

  • Contains no artificial fragrances

  • Vegan, not tested on animals

  • 100% colour safe

  • No aerosols

  • Packaging made from PET, a plastic which is 100% recyclable


The Keune Semi Colour Range is cream based, ammonia free and based on coconut oil. The Semis use a silk protein derived from silk (note the silkworm departs the cocoon before the proteins are collected from the cocoon). All other ingredients are vegan friendly.


We use and stock selected products from Keune’s Style Range. The styling products we use are vegan and cruelty free. All the ingredients are sourced from reputable, sustainable suppliers. They are free from all harmful chemicals & synthetic detergents. This range offers a diverse collection of styling products, catering to all hair types.

We are stocking and using:
Spray Wax
Dry texturiser
Root volumiser
Ultra gel
Straight cream
Dry shampoo
Thickening cream
Volume powder
Instant blowout
Gloss spray
Strong mousse
Power paste
Brushout spray
Humidity shield

Colour Care Shampoo, Conditoner, Treatment Spray

So Pure

Colour Care Range


Colour Care Shampoo gently cleanses colour treated hair while maintaining the integrity of the colour and prevents colour fading.

It leaves the hair soft and shiny and restores the natural moisture balance.

A warm and oriental sensual aroma experience.  Sunflower seed extract and Amylose provide maximum colour protection and condition the hair. Extra Argan oil added to strengthen the hair and scalp.


Shampoo, conditioner and leave-in spray.








Keune So Pure Moisturizing Shampoo Conditioner Treatment

So Pure

Moisturizing Range

So Pure Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner restore and regulate the natural hydration of the hair and scalp using Olive Oil and Shea Butter emollients.


So Pure Moisturizing treatment is an intensive mask to condition dry porous damaged hair.

So Pure Moisturizing Overnight Repair:

A lightweight serum infused with micro proteins from wheat and moringa seed for deep penetration into the hair. Apply at night before bed to experience Moisturises t repairing split ends and then rinses out in the morning - Voila!1 The hair structure is significantly improved and feels silky 



We are very excited to offer AGI One vegan smoothing treatment.

This smoothing system reduces frizz and volume so your hair is noticeably straighter, smoother and easier to style. The patented technology also hydrates hair, improving both texture and condition.


Unlike traditional keratin based smoothing this patented system:

takes less time,

lasts longer,

* does not strip colour, and

* you can wash and colour your hair straight after. 

AGI One's smoothing system, with its nanotechnology repairs hair from the inside whilst creating a protective layer on the outside. This means that your hair is both smoothed and hydrated with noticeably less frizz and more shine.





Hair is made up of bonds which during lightening, colouring, other chemical processing and hot iron use can become compromised resulting in breakage, and lifeless and dull hair. Plex systems are used during the colouring process to protect the hair during these services and also as a stand-alone treatment.


Here at Fabulous Darling we use De Lorenzo NovaPlex which is vegan certified and has been independently tested and shown to reduce hair breakage during lightening by 71%. The Novaplex system has 3 processes which are used both in the salon and at home. Depending on your hair needs, they are used as part of the colouring process or as a deep conditioning treatment.

So Pure Colour

So Pure



The So Pure Colour range is a long-lasting and permanent colour range that is free from ammonia and parabens.


So Pure Colour is mild, effective and enriched with Phytokeratin, which deeply penetrates into

the hair to restore its natural keratin structure.

Enhanced with organic Argan Oil, the range contains antioxidants Vitamins A and E to provide further nourishment and protect hair from external influences.


The unique and mild coconut-based formula works to condition the hair, protecting the scalp against staining.


Hair is left healthy with a beautiful shine. Keune's So Pure Natural Balance Range is developed with 100% pure plant essential therapy to create a truly sensational experience.

So Pure Moroccan Argan Oil Organic

So Pure

Moroccan Argan Oil


Argan Oil tames, nourishes and adds shine to thick, coarse, resistant hair.


Why it works:

Moroccan Argan Oil contains high concentrations of vitamins and is enriched with omega-6 to moisturise the hair and scalp and ensure added protection.


Styling and finishing: 

work a few drops through damp or dry hair to eliminate frizz and provide shine. Do not rinse. Style as desired.



 Apply a small amount to the hair to shield against external influences, such as sun exposure.


Conditioning and shine:

Add a few drops to other So Pure care products or colour or styling treatments.

Revives and moisturises hair extensions.

Energizing rnage.jpg
Cooling Range.jpg
Exfoliating Range.jpg

So Pure Energizing Range


Want thicker hair?? This rejuvenating treatment adds volume and boosts hair growth up to 25% in 11 weeks.


Using the Lotion on a regular basis will improve the condition of your hair creating longer, thicker, and fuller hair.


Energizing Shampoo

Shampoo containing Biotine and Red Ginseng to stimulate blood circulation. This assists in strengthening the hair.


Energizing Lotion 

Leave in lotion to prevent thinning and promote cell metabolisation. Containing Caffeine, Biotine and Red Ginseng to promote cell growth. Use 4 times a week for intensive use. 


So Pure Cooling Range


The So Pure Cooling Range has a balancing effect that adds body and volume to the hair and makes the hair soft and shiny.


It does this through the use of Menthol and Peppermint to provide the cooling sensation and increase blood flow to the scalp. This stimulates and soothes that scalp to improve hair and scalp health.


Mint and Rosemary essential oils provide a wholesome aromatherapy experience and assist in removing flakes and moisturise the scalp to prevent future flaking.


So Pure Exfoliating Range


The exfoliating range is a cleansing treatment that targets flakey scalps and prevents future flaking. 


This works due to the blend of organic Tea Tree Oil and Willow Bark extract. These work to remove flakes and strengthen and moisturise the scalp which prevents future flaking. Add in some aromatherapy using the Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils and experience a calming and wholesome experience. 

This range contains shampoo, treatment, and essential oil. 

Exfoliating Treatment

A scrub exfoliating treatment that removes those pesky flakes!

Exfoliating Essential Oil

Add a few drops to your treatment or shampoo to enhance the aromatherapy calming experience.

Keune So Pure Styling Products Texture Spray Curl Enhancer Air Foam Strong

So Pure Calming Range


A natural, gentle conditioning treatment to calm and relax the sensitive scalp. Lavender and Chamomile essential oils provide calming, relaxing aromatherapy with a slightly sweet note in the fragrance.


This range contains shampoo, conditioner, elixer, and essential oil.



So Pure Styling Products


Texture Spray

Firm hold hair spray that sculpts and shapes hair into the desired style.

Vitamin A and E from the Argan oil strengthens hair and scalp.

This spray is free of parabens.


Curl Enhancer

A lightweight curl cream that creates bouncy curls and adds definition to naturally wavy, curly or permed hair.

Enriched with organic Argan and essential oils, Vitamin A and E from the Argan oil strengthens hair and scalp.


Air Foam Strong

A conditioning styling foam that adds volume and has strong hold. Adds a natural shine and enriched with organic Argan and essential oils.